Executive Board

NISOA Executive Board

John Puglisi (NY) - Secretary

John Puglisi (NY) – President

Responsible to supervise the Executive Director, Associate Executive Director, and Director of Operations. Presides over Executive Board meetings. Advises on the management of the Association. Appoints/terminates committee chair. Appoints officers and representatives to unexpired terms.
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Gary Huber (MO) – Vice President

Serves in the absence of the President. Responsible for the Ethics and Grievance committee, sales, welfare and the National Convention.
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Robert Fischer (VA) – Secretary

Takes minutes of the Annual General Meeting and other meetings. Reviews and recommends updates to the constitution and by-laws. Conducts the fee survey and keeps the President advised of any issues.
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George Wescott (NJ) – Past President

Responsible for marketing, hospitality and fundraising. Assists in forming chapters. Maintains record and history.
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Todd Abraham (IL) – Sr. Director of Instruction

Develops National training materials. Responsible for training National and Local Clinicians. Coordinates regional and NSCAA clinics. Oversees the curriculum and management for the National Training Academy and National Referee Program. Prepares the Preseason Guide and Rules Differences Guide. Liaison with NASO.
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Dan Lukash (MD) - Sr. Director of Programs

Dan Lukash (MD) – Sr. Director of Programs

Responsible for NISOA programs for interscholastic, assignment and technology.
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Julie Fabsik - Swarts NISOA Executive Director

Julie Fabsik – Swarts (IN)
NISOA Executive Director

Responsible for NISOA daily operations, financial performance, external relationships and staff management.

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Tom Richardson (NC) – Associate Director

Manages the membership roster, awards, and makes payments to vendors. Responsible for sales.
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NISOA Regional Map

NISOA Regional Map

The NISOA Executive Board also includes 11 Regional Representatives who expedite grievance decisions, act as an intermediate agent between the National Office and local Chapters. The Regional Representatives also make recommendations on policies, coordinate new chapter formation and manage the regional referee of the year award.

Regional Representatives
Jim Triplett
Region I
Jim Miller
Region II
Dave Steiner
Region III
Patrick Doering
Region IV
Robert Fischer
Region V
Cliff Clement
Region VI
Region VII
John Hagenstein
Region VIII
Diana Esquivel
Region IX
Joe Rivetti
Region X
Steven Brooks
Region XI