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Todd Abraham

Todd Abraham

C. Cliff McCrath

C. Cliff McCrath

If you have a question about or need an interpretation of  the NCAA Soccer Rules, you’ve come to the right place. Two NISOA Hall of Famers, long time NCAA Soccer Secretary-Rules Editor, C. Cliff McCrath and NISOA National Rules Interpreter (and current NISOA Senior Director of Instruction) Todd Abraham are active contributors here. Please follow the following guidelines before posting your question:

  • Read the current NCAA Soccer Rules book (available on the Forms page of our site).
  • Do not post questions regarding issues of referee judgement.
  • Do not post specific game details ( i.e. home team, match date, etc.) with your question, if your question happens to be about something you saw during an intercollegiate soccer game.
All questions are subject to editorial review. This is offered as a service to NISOA membership for educational purposes, with the expressed understanding that only the NCAA Soccer Secretary-Rules Editor (Ken Andres) can provide an official rule interpretation.

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  1. Ian says:

    In NFHS rules if there’s a PK that occurs once time has expired and the kicker, in an attempt to deceive the keeper, plays the ball forward and a teammate runs on to it and scores, the goal would be disallowed because 14.1.6 states that only the kicker may play the ball in such a scenario. However, what would be the correct restart? Would the team be allowed a rekick or would time expire?

    • Todd Abraham Todd Abraham says:

      In the scenario you describe, the kick ends when the teammate plays the ball. The game is extended solely for the taking of the kick and nothing else. Since the kick ends when the teammate plays the ball there is no restart – the game is over. Playing the ball forward to a teammate is allowed (Rule 14.5) so this is not trickery and is not a consideration in this scenario.

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