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Todd Abraham

Todd Abraham

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C. Cliff McCrath

If you have a question about or need an interpretation of  the NCAA Soccer Rules, you’ve come to the right place. Two NISOA Hall of Famers, long time NCAA Soccer Secretary-Rules Editor, C. Cliff McCrath and NISOA National Rules Interpreter (and current NISOA Senior Director of Instruction) Todd Abraham are active contributors here. Please follow the following guidelines before posting your question:

  • Read the current NCAA Soccer Rules book (available on the Forms page of our site).
  • Do not post questions regarding issues of referee judgement.
  • Do not post specific game details ( i.e. home team, match date, etc.) with your question, if your question happens to be about something you saw during an intercollegiate soccer game.
All questions are subject to editorial review. This is offered as a service to NISOA membership for educational purposes, with the expressed understanding that only the NCAA Soccer Secretary-Rules Editor (Ken Andres) can provide an official rule interpretation.

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  1. brian lynch says:

    so don, just to get it straight in my mind, ncaa is not adopting the FIFA/LOG ruling

  2. Stanislaw Grabowski says:

    What is the proper course of action in the following two scenarios: (1) The referee crew allows Player A to illegally reenter the game in the first half. Player A scores a goal and prior to the ensuing kickoff the referee crew realizes the illegal substitution; (2) The referee crew allows Player A to illegally reenter the game in the first half. Player A
    scores a goal. After the match is complete with the final score of 1-0, prior to signing the scorebook, the referee crew realizes the illegal substitution.

    • Todd Abraham Todd Abraham says:

      An illegal substitution (a legal player who has entered the game illegally) is different from an illegal player (one who is not listed on the roster). An illegal player cannot score a goal, however, a legal player in the game illegally can score. If he/she does, it must be corrected before the restart. If not corrected before the kickoff, it should be reported, however, cannot be corrected.


  3. John David McGee says:

    The SFISOA Chapter is of the opinion that Question #39, in the NISOA 2017 Refresher Test, is “answered” incorrectly on the provided “answer sheet.” The question reads: “In the 30th minute and both teams playing with 11 players, substitute A12 is beckoned onto the field to replace A1. Before A1 leaves the field, he and A12 get into an argument about the substitution and commit violent conduct against each other. Team A should resume play with…;” and the “official” answer given is “C” (“9 players”).
    However, the “Rule” references given do not support this answer. OUR reasoning is that when A12 was “beckoned, he became the player of record. A1, although not having left the field, is no longer a player of record. Whereas both players should be sent off for violent conduct, only ONE of the two was a player “of record;” consequently, play should be restarted with ten (10) players; NOT nine (9).
    Please advise. Thanks.

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