A Message from the Director of Assessment

Gary W. Huber (MO) - Director of Assessment

Gary W. Huber (MO) – Director of Assessment

A new season is upon us. Hope you are all well including all of you along the East coast.

Below is a quick update for the National Referee Assessment Program.

Please go to the NISOA web-site and make sure you are using the new forms.

I have made a few changes.

  • You will notice at the top of the page in the left hand side there is an area to check for who is being assessed.
  • Under the address block you can use their postal address or e-mail address.
  • In the bottom 1/3 of the form there is a new line for sharing of the assessment with Conference, Local, & Post Season assignors. You must ask the referee before the match if he/she wants to share the info on the form.

Please make sure you fill out the forms in their entirety. All boxes must be checked and filled out.

  • Be sure that the info you share on the form is the same information you gave the official in the postgame debriefing.
  • To just put “Great Job” & Keep up the Good Work” as feedback is not adequate.
  • Be creative in your feedback, and make sure you structure your questions in a manner that the crew will come up with acceptable solutions.

I hope all of you have taken the refresher test online with the NCAA or with your chapters.  You have until September 6th to complete online. If you do not know the rules, how can you critique the referee crew!

A heads up.  It looks like we will hold our Regional & National Assessor Refresher Clinic in conjunction with the National Referee Re certification Programs next year at the same locations.  More information will be forthcoming.

Stay in touch with the game. Players are faster, tactics are different from week to week, game to game, and the coaches are more intense as the season goes along. The referees must adapt to all of these situations. Make sure they are doing so and discussion in your debriefing is critical.

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Regional Coordinators

Regional Map

Assessments are managed by the NISOA region's area coordinator. The Regional Area Coordinators are:

Region I - Bill FortinRegion II - Mark ButlerRegion III - Dan Rudloff
Region IV - Bryan RoslundRegion V - Bob FischerRegion VI - Dave Edwards
Region VII - Ken MatherRegion VIII - Doug EppsRegion IX - Harlan Matthews
Region X - Mac BrazeltonRegion XI - Mike Allen