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If you’re interested or have been accepted to the NISOA Referee Training Camp in Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania, here are answers to frequently asked questions about the camp.

What are the requirements to apply and attend the Camp?

Open to anyone with youth, amateur, high school or college soccer officiating experience who is 18 years of age or older and interested in improving their officiating skills and/or becoming certified to officiate college soccer games.  Class size is limited to 50 participants. Three (3) years of referee experience is recommended but not mandatory.

If I am traveling by air or train where should I schedule arrival?

Fly to Harrisburg International Airport.   Please let Don Brown know of your arrival time and flight number.   There will be an NISOA van picking up all those arriving by air.   If you are arriving by train, you can make your reservation to Elizabethtown, PA.   Again let Don Brown know of your arrival times for pick up purposes.   NOTE:  If the van is not there when you arrive, please wait until it does arrive.

What types of rooms are being made available?

Rooms are dorm style suites with 4 to a suite.   Bathroom and kitchen are part of the room.   There is a refrigerator in every suite.

Do I have to bring linens?

Linens are provided.  You may want to bring a large towel for showers since the provided ones are rather small.

What about meals?

3 meals a day are provided in the campus cafeteria.   There are local stores near -by to purchase snacks and various drinks.

What uniforms should I bring?

Bring multiple colors with short sleeve shirts.   If you are a member of NISOA, bring your official NISOA uniforms.  If not a member, bring what you own.

What types of games are played that I will officiate?

Age groups will vary.  There is a soccer player camp being held at the same time which the NISOA supports with officials.   Every participant will officiate as a referee and multiple times as an Assistant Referee.   Observations will be conducted and immediate feedback will be provided.  All games will be played under NCAA rules.

What is the dress code for the camp?

Dress is casual  (shorts, slacks, T-shirts, golf shirts).  Please be sensitive to others with regard to slogans, etc. on clothing.

What about hydration , injury or illness?

A water bottle will be provided to all participants.  Sufficient fluids should be taken to prevent illness.  An EMT will be available to deal with any injuries or illness.

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2016 National Referee Training Camp

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  1. Brandon Miniscalco says:

    Hello – I have a similar situation to the above question left by Erick. I have been accepted to the 2017 camp and rec’d an automated generated email that said my check has been delivered and to show up at Etown facility when camp starts. However, the money was not debited from my account. When can I expect the check to be processed?

    Thank you,
    Brandon Miniscalco

  2. JH says:

    Were all selections and notifications made for the 2017 NISOA training camp?
    Thank you.

  3. Greg says:

    I missed the deadline for the 2017 training camp. When will the application process start for 2018?

    Thank you!


  4. BB says:

    Where can I find the detailed schedule for the 2017 Elizabethtown camp?
    Thank you

  5. Michele Beagan says:

    Hi, I see that the application process will start in early March, but have the dates of the 2018 Camp been set? I have members in my area who are interested but need to know the dates so they can plan for this event. Thanks!

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