2010 NISOA Preseason Guide

Published on June 23, 2010


The 2010 NISOA preseason guide is now available (pdf) for download. The NISOA preseason guide is a joint effort of NISOA and Referee. The instructional articles and the points of emphasis discussed in the guide should be helpful to every NISOA member during the season.

8 Responses to “2010 NISOA Preseason Guide”

  1. Victor Alvarez says:

    I would like to obtain the 2010 NISOA Preseason guide. Thank you

  2. Jon Kloc says:


  3. James Duggan says:

    is there a 2011 pre-season guide coming out and if so when will it be available? thanks.

  4. Dale Garvey says:

    Looking for the 2012 Preseason Guide.