Additional site details and a tentative agenda for the 2012 NISOA National Referee Academies are now available.

Academy Locations and Contacts Tentative Agenda for NRP Academy Clinics

6 Responses to “2012 National Referee Academy Site Information and Agenda”

  1. The Agenda for the National Referee Academy shows Saturday, or (1)-Day only…. The National Camp was a few days. Is the Academy only 1-day? If so, does this qualify me as a National Referee Candidate (for whiuch I have submitted application) ?

    • The program has been revised to be one day every year. Once you meet the requirements, written tests, physical fitness test, participation at academy you should be qualified as a National Referee

      • Thank you, John. I thought the purpose of the National Camp at Elizabethtown, PA this July was to become a Candidate, and then – over a 2-year period – become recognized and wear the National Referee Badge.

        What you seem to be telling me is that attending the national Academy serves this same purpose, but accomplished in a single day.

        Please clarify any differences for me…

        • The candidate level has been dropped. If you meet the requirements of the new program as previously described you will become a National Referee