2014-2015 NCAA Soccer Rules Changes

Published on May 16, 2014


The NCAA has now announced the changes in the collegiate soccer rules for the 2014 and 2015 seasons and a new rule book is now going to press.  None of the changes are significant regarding on-field play; most are administrative or editorial changes. Listed below are the changes effective this fall season:

1. Last year hash marks off of the goal line and 11 yards from the corner flag were mandated and if not corrected, the game could not be played.  This year, while such marks are still mandatory, if they cannot be corrected, the game will be played and the referee must file a report with the governing sports authority.

2. The jurisdiction of the game officials now begins when he/she arrives at the game site and at least 30 minutes before the scheduled kick off time.

3. The game or period now ends when the horn sounds or the clock reaches zero in the event of no horn sounding.

4.  In playoffs or other matches where kicks from the penalty spot are required, each team selects 10 kickers and in the event that there is no winner at the end of 10 kicks, the order of the original kickers may be changed.

5. Coaches listed on the roster and on the game site may communicate with each other by electronic means.

6. Punishment for successive red cards has been modified and while this does not directly concern the officials, you will find the new modifications in Rule 12.15 of the rule book.

While the changes are few in number, each NISOA officials should re-read the entire book to refresh his/her memory and also review the Points of Emphasis  listed in the book. You may download the 2014-2015 NCAA Rules Changes presentation below.

Download 2014-2015 NCAA Rules Changes PowerPoint Presentation

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