National Referee Program Assessment Upload Instructions

Assessors must use this form to get instructions on how to upload NISOA National Referee Program assessment forms.


  • Download the most recent NISOA Assessment Form package from the NISOA Forms directory.
  • Review the FAQ as points of emphasis change.
  • Fill out the form as appropriate.
  • Save the file to your PC with a file name that includes the last name of each official on the form (i.e. smith-jones-anderson.pdf). Including the date in the filename is helpful but optional.
  • Upload the file using the instructions obtained below.
  • Email the form to the referee.


Starting in 2019, all assessment forms must be uploaded to the NISOA Dropbox account. Referee coaches will receive an email with a special link where the assessment form will be uploaded using the form below. The link is exclusive to each season and each NISOA region.


Form to Receive File Upload Instructions