Video Instruction – Promising Attack

You may recognize this referee.


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5 Responses to “Video Instruction – Promising Attack”

  1. The video and question/answer is an outstanding tool to improve foul recognition. Would like to see more of these. . . . Well done

  2. Why is the tackle not considered to be endangering the safety of the opponent? It is from behind, with no opportunity to play the ball.

    • Jim,

      I recommend working through the considerations when watching this clip. The considerations are a framework to help officials arrive at a consistent & accurate decision.

      We acknowledge this was a challenge from behind, however the opportunity to play the ball exists, in fact we cannot say with 100% certainty that the defender played the ball or not here.

      The considerations to expand on here are the point of contact and mode of contact, was the leg bent or extended, and further the fact that the challenge was made while sliding versus being aerial reduce the amount of force, speed, and intensity of the challenge.

      Also, a point to note is there was no malice used with this challenge for the ball.

      The real education on this clip applies to the nature of the attacking phase of play, take into account the feel of the game, the atmosphere, the time left, you have a counter attack that ensues and the defender now has to stop the attack and regain possession or disrupt play, and he successfully manages to stop the promising attack.

  3. I answered all of the considerations exactly the same as you guys did. Great job by my mentor on this call. Great to be a part of this organization. Thanks for putting these out for us to stay on top of considerations, rules & the beautiful game, Lance.