Video Instruction – Offside

NCAA Soccer Rule 11.3.3 states that a player shall not be declared offside if the player receives the ball from a deliberate play from a defender. Rule states that a “deliberate act is one in which a player chooses to act, regardless of the outcome of that action. This deliberate act is neither a reaction nor reflex. A deliberate action may result in the opponent benefiting from the action.”

Judging whether the defender makes a deliberate play on the ball requires both the referee and the assistant referee to pay close attention and be prepared to make the correct decision.

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3 Responses to “Video Instruction – Offside”

  1. Can you send a video of a possible offsides call where the ball is played thru the middle of the field, an attacker is in an offsides position on the far side of the field, he has to run to catch up with the pass…..when does the AR signal offsides and from where on the field.

    • All,

      Just for a point of clarification; currently, there is no list of “considerations” for offside.

      With that said, use “Deliberate vs Deflection” when making a decision regarding this clip.

      Thank you

  2. I’m a big fan of these clips but you ought to be informing us whether or not the decisions are correct or incorrect and why.
    Thank you for publishing materials for us to view and understand, they are appreciated.