Making of a NISOA Referee – AR Involvement

Published on: October 10, 2019

Miriama Kocisova – AL-ISOA

As part of NISOA’s continuing dedication to college soccer officiating excellence, we are pleased to present another in a series of best practices instruction for our members. In this episode, Miriama “Mina” Kočišová from the Alabama ISOA (Week 3 winner of the 2019 Terry Vaughn NISOA Referee of the Week Presented by Official Sports) describes her decision making on a critical match incident with the goalkeeper handling the ball outside of the penalty area. As many of our matches are played on multi-sport fields, players, especially players from the visiting team may not be aware of the playing field line color which creates a variety of challenges for the match crew.

This video and other are also available on the NISOA YouTube channel. Please take the time to subscribe in order to receive instant notification for when new episodes are uploaded.

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